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AmpliTube iRig


Plug your guitar into your iPhone and rock out! That says it all. The AmpliTube iRig is awesome! Download the app from the appstore and control the types of sounds your guitar makes. Whenever I get to the point of playing an electric guitar, this will be mine. The iRig is $39.99 and the app is $14.99. I believe it works on the iPad as well, or will in the future. Check it out!


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Evans Blue Acoustic (Unplugged) Videos


Stop And Say You Love Me

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Time to make some beats!


Bought me a new M-Audio Midi Keyboard to create some new music and a Korg padKontrol for making drum beats and really cool mixes. I’ve never done this before, I’ve never made hip-hop mixes before, but I’ve been wanting to for many years. Well, I’ve finally decided to break down and buy some gear. I’ll put some videos and pictures up of the equipment.


M-Audio Session Keystudio 491

Here are a few sample videos of the equipment and people making hip hop beats:

Korg padKontrol:

M-Audio Keystudio:

Not very many videos using these, but here are a couple. Can’t wait to start using these! Should get them in a week or so. When I start learning and creating good music, I’ll post some more videos on here! Keep a look out!

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Nicki Minaj – Your Love by Sunny Choi


This song is so beautifully done, by Sunny Choi, on piano. It sounds so much different than the actual Nicki Minaj version.

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K-os feat. Drake – Faith


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