We checked out a new Restaurant in St. Louis, this Father’s Day. The name of it is Hofbräuhaus. As you can tell by the name, it’s German.

Front view of Hofbräuhaus St. Louis

It’s a brew house with a ton of seating and a lot going on. They have a huge room that stored all of the food (buffet style), a live band, a balloon animal artist, a face painter, and plenty of seating.

We arrived about 20 minutes prior to when they opened, and were seated fairly quickly (about 10 mins after we walked inside). We had a party of 10. There was a decently sized line that was starting to get pretty long when we got there.

While walking through the front, a man from the brewery held the door open for us and welcomed our visit. Nice touch!

Their commercial calls it, “Oktoberfest every day.” It’s was so much fun! I’m going to have to go back and get some video of this place!

We checked out Father’s Day Brunch and they have a very large variety of food (breakfast and lunch buffet). ALL YOU CAN EAT BACON! Who can compete with that!? 🙂 My Father-in-Law said it reminded him of Germany quite a bit! He spent some time there while in the military.

The tables were joined so everyone could sit close together. And apparently it’s popular, cause it started to get busy by the end.

I liked the benches. They spanned across the length of the table. You could talk with everyone in your party, which was great! A very large family came in right after us, and they took up 3 of these big tables (six benches)! That’s a lot of people!

The live band was AWESOME! They played the bells in a few of their songs, and it was really cool! They are loud but sounded so different. I loved it. The band was the highlight for me, cause they rocked! Definitely check them out for a few minutes while you’re there.

During brunch they came out with a giant horn (it’s call an Alphorn), which sits on the table, and they begin playing it on the other end (about 15ft away). I remember seeing these in movies, but haven’t ever seen or heard one in person.

They also had a balloon animal artist and a face painter. The balloon man made a Thomas the Train for Owen and a sword for Logan.

Definitely worth another visit, so go check them out! We loved all of the entertainment and good food!

For Father’s Day, we got Jessica’s Dad a Stanley Cup Champion shirt (it’s not here yet… Jessica ordered them the night that they won!), and Kim and Joe got him a Western Conference Champion shirt (see picture above). There was another shirt in there somewhere, that said something like “Best Grandpa Ever.” I didn’t get a picture of that one, but he really is. Pretty awesome Father-in-Law, too!

I wish Ethan was with us. He would’ve loved it here, so we’ll have to go back for sure. That’ll give me a chance to add to this post and add some video! Since it’s Father’s Day, Ethan was with his Dad and Step Mom.

After brunch, we went home, took a nap (we are not morning people at all), and then headed out on a hike with the best friends. It was very awesome to do this, because I’ve been wanting to go on a hike for months! I tried to keep up with the kids, which I think I did a pretty good job at. I kept up until they started running. Not used to running yet. Felt it the next day for sure!

A photo after our hike was finished.
Walked 5 miles! 14,000 steps for the day. Need to keep this up…

I think I want to keep posting my pictures like this and tell little stories. I used to write blogs all the time. Not doing it as often, has really hindered my writing skills, so bare with me on that.

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We are going to Springfield next weekend, so that will definitely have a lot of photos and videos.