An estimated attendance of over a half a million, St. Louis was insane today! We showed the city just how much our fans wanted the cup! Though I didn’t get to attend the parade and celebration, I did get to see it on YouTube! I think I would’ve rather watched this anyway!

They did interviews with all of the players, the coaching staff, the announcers, and even Laila! Here’s a link to the video:

After I started looking at photos, I found several I wanted to post on here. Check out our Captain hoisting the cup!

I think there was a picture like it on the Sports Illustrated Cover. Yes, here it is…

I might have to pick up an issue of this!
Jordan Binnington was having a blast today!
Binnington the Cheerleader

And of course, there’s Molly, Tyler Bozak’s wife. She’s hilarious!

My Wife and I love her Tweets. You can follow all of them here. Like this gem of Tyler and Molly hoisting the cup!

Tyler and Molly Bozak hoisting the Stanley Cup

That reminds me, check out this adorable picture of the Tarasenko’s newborn in the cup! Makes your heart tingle!

And of course I couldn’t not post this one of Vladdy!

Here are several pictures of the team and fans, from the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Parade:

Vince Dunn with Lord Stanley and the fans
Ryan O’Reilly with the Conn Smythe trophy in the St. Louis Stanley Cup Parade
The team on stage with the Stanley Cup
Tarasenko signing a fan’s jersey in the Stanley Cup Parade crowd

Laila and Parayko at the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Parade
Brett Hull certainly had a great time… as we all know!
Parayko raising the Stanley Cup on Market Street in St. Louis
KMOV’s video of the crowd!

Panger taking a selfie with the crowd!
Wow! Just amazing!
“We are the Champions!”

Schenn takes a beer from a fan’s cooler, drinks it, and then throws it into the crowd. What a bad ass!

What a sight!

I didn’t even say anything about Friday bar night yet. I scoured the Twitterverse and found all kinds of videos of the team partying! I’ll post those as I save them.

DP57 at the bar!

As I continue to find new photos/videos, I will update this blog.

Last updated: 6/16/2019

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to any of these videos/photos. This is just a collection to share with my family and friends.