Making this little movie about hummingbirds is not only fuel for my brain, but it's also something that I really enjoy doing. Creating stuff is fun and seeing everyone's reaction to it after you've finished, that's pretty fantastic too! Watching this over and over again, just thinking about how much fun I had today, is very heartwarming to me.

We spent the entire day with family just enjoying each other’s company. BBQ was served, which is a top pick for pretty much everyone I think (right?). And when there’s good food, it always brings the family closer together. 🙂
Ethan brought his girlfriend over meet the family today. She’s really a sweet girl, but this is all still very weird to me. I guess I’ll get used to it one day, but we really enjoyed her company. We all played outside, I shot some video, and we finished the night with Monopoly. Vicky and Joe are in-town with the boys this weekend, so that means we get to see them twice this month! Looking forward to that for sure!
We are heading to Oklahoma in a few weeks to celebrate a couple birthdays! Jessica’s Grandpa is turning 80!

Whataburger, I’m coming for ya when we get there! I’ve been craving you for far too long!

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