This is a video demonstrating the install of my Thule (pronounced Tooly) Roof Rack system.

I’m mainly going to talk about the Thule kit, because that’s what I bought, and that’s what this video is about, but there are also a few other roof rack brands for this particular car as well. Yakima and Rola being the two primary ones. I didn’t do much research on Yakima, but they have a similar system to Thule. They are all around the same price, but Rola racks are $299 or less, depending on if you could find one anywhere.

Rola are the easiest to install and the cheapest of the three, but they’ve discontinued the one made for the Veloster. So, the only way to find it, is by buying it from a 3rd party. I could never find one on sale. Even on eBay, Amazon, or FB market place.

I don’t have many details of the Yamika racks, because I decided to go with the Thule when I was researching them.

As you can tell from the video, it’s fairly easy to install. The tricky part was trying to figure out the system and what parts to buy.

These are the parts that I purchased and the price that I paid for them used/new.

4 different main pieces to the Thule kit.
Thule 1676 – car specific fit kit – $120 new on Amazon
Thule lb58 – bar – $63 used on eBay
Thule 480 – feet – $99 used on eBay
Thule bar end caps – $10 new on eBay

This is the basket I bought was from Amazon:
Maxxhaul 46″ x 36″

Note: the reviews are not all positive on the basket. Mine arrived in perfect condition and it appears they have resolved the QA issues with the welds that were sub-par prior. So far it has not rusted at all.

I bought the 58” bar because I wanted a custom fit, so I left 2” on each side in case they bent from weight. I used this rotary drill and these cutting wheels to cut the metal bars to size.

You can also purchase the bar and feet below. They are the newer style. They are not interchangeable with the above, but you would use the same fit kit as above.

Thule arb53 – bar (this comes in black or silver)
Thule 480r – feet

If you have questions, feel free to leave me a comment!